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Command and Conquer Rivals hack

Command and Conquer Rivals Cheats – Unlimited Gems Hack

Are you a huge fan of EA products and have always waited for the new release of the new game? If yes, then here is a chance for you to fulfill your waiting! EA’s new Strategy game called Command and Conquer Rivals, which will be out soon. Start playing the game now and try Command and Conquer Rivals Hack on your IOS or Android device and be one of the members of Commanders.

This is a competitive real-time strategy mobile game where you can customize your army with a unique commander. Depending on the strategy you prefer, you can create an army and customize it to align with your Commander’s unique abilities, then unleash formidable weapons and vehicles in all-out war. So, are you ready to dominate the battlefield now?

Listed below are some vital aspects that you should know before you start playing Command and Conquer Rivals:

Experience: The higher the experience that your army have, the faster your army will reach new levels. When you unlock a new level in the game, you will get various infantry units, and vehicles which will make your army much stronger. Some maps will require plenty of levels to be unlocked. Moreover, your success in the game will highly depend on your level stats. The best way to acquire experience for your army is by winning each battle you start.

Gem is the special currency of the game, which is very difficult to earn in the game. You can spend gem to buy premium items, unlock all battle maps and starting a battle request, especially when you do not want to wait for few hours to begin a battle. This premium currency can be bought by real world money. Although, there are various packages available for gems’ purchasing, you should keep your eyes open when you choose which package to purchase. If you don’t want to get gems with real cash, then listed below are some ways which you could use to earn gems in Command and Conquer Rivals:

  • When you request a battle, you should choose to fight for the Global Defense Initiative or Brotherhood of Nod, in this situation you will get more gems as a reward after winning the battle.
  • Try your best to win every daily challenge, the more battles you win, the higher position you will rank in leaderboards, which will let you earn gems as a reward.
  • If you want to acquire gems instantly, then the only way is to make use of Command and Conquer Rivals hack. The hacking tool will let you generate unlimited amount of gems with a few clicks of the mouse.

Is It Safe to Use Command and Conquer Rivals Hack?

Absolutely safe! The Command and Conquer Rivals cheats is a 100% secured tool which is free of viruses and malware. There is an inbuilt anti-ban system, which will keep your gaming avatar hidden and protected from search results. So, you will not get suspended by using this cheat.

As you gain knowledge and confidence in the game, you can consider checking out the live battles with other super players in the community. In these battles, you will come across many strong armies at a time. So, if you are a newbie in the gameplay, you should not enter this battle filed. Once you complete a premium map successfully, you will procure rewards such as rare credits and pink diamond, and much more.

To summarize, Command and Conquer Rivals is an amazing online strategy game that can be enjoyed by varied age groups. So, have fun while playing the game and if you are in need of diamonds then do not hesitate to use Command and Conquer Rivals cheats.